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we're out of time. before we go a quick programming note. watch the rebroadcast of today's program this afternoon on msnbc at 2:00 p.m. eastern followed by a reairing of and the oscar goes to. the winners and losers from last night. a washington, d.c., escalator malfunctions causing a scary pileup. and fiery flare-up. a monster explosion on the sun spits out a spectacular wave of plasma. very good morning to you.
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those stories and more straight ahead. this is "first look" on msnbc. we begin with the king of the night. the highest ranking members of hollywood's royalty looking on, a film about the struggles of one of england's royal family stole the show. we have the details from hollywood. stephanie, good morning to you. >> reporter: veronica, there were no major surprise this is year. of the ten films for best picture, critics say it came down to two, the king of owe social networking" versus the king of england. >> he hernd among the place among hollywood royalty. "the king's speech" won four academy awards including best picture. >> to be part of a film that
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touched and moved people so much around the world is just a huge privilege. >> the film star earned best actor for his role as king george vi. >> i have a feeling my career just peaked. >> it took honors for best screen play and best director for tom hooper who saluted his lead actors. >> natalie portman! >> there was no surprise in the best actress category. natalie portman completed a near sweep for her performance in "black swan." >> i wish that you know how much i love working with you. >> and me lisa leo supported best actress honors for "the fighter." and accidentally let a four-letter slip during her acceptance speech. christian ba fighter."
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>> a room full of talented and inspirational people and what the hell am i doing here? >> and the other winners were "toy story 3." "inception" took home four awards. and the drama about the origins of facebook, "the social network" scored three awards including best adapted screen play. after the show it was time to celebrate the nominees headed to some of the post oscar after parties including the governor's ball and the ever popular vanity fair party. in hollywood, i'm stephanie stanton. back to you. >> stephanie stanton, thank you so much. on capitol hill now, the clock is ticking for lawmakers to come to terms on the nation's budget before it expires resulting in a government shutdown. president obama is encouraging the nation's governors to work together as the standoff over union rights and budget cuts in wisconsin enters a third week. tracie potts joins us now from washington with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. good morning, everyone.
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protesters may have been forced out of wisconsin state capitol but the budget battle continues with democrats hiding out across state lines preventing a vote on what the governor says could cost them 1500 jobs. he wants to make deep cuts including cutting collective bargaining for state employees. governor scott walker on "meet the press" says if they don't act soon, the state could lose $155 million by tomorrow. now here in washington, they're focusing on the budget also. will there be a government shutdown by friday? democrats and republicans trying to come up with a compromise that at this point looks like it may include extending the current budget for another two weeks but with $4 billion in cuts. the problem is they're looking at the smallest part of the budget. and over the weekend, we saw president obama hosting the nation's governors at a lavish white house event. they'll return today to talk about those budget problems. veronica? >> tracie potts in washington, thank you. here's your first look at the other news going on around
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america today. in massachusetts, workers inside a coffee shop received quite a jolt when a minivan came crashing through the front entrance. fortunately, business was slow at the time of the crash. so no one was injured. the driver of the toyota said the gas pedal became stuck. her claim makes this another accident caused by toyota accelerator problems. in washington, d.c., a malfunctioning escalator led to a dangerous domino effect. dozens of people tumbled over each other after the subway escalator suddenly sped up. several people were injured. investigators believe the brake system failure is the cause. and in georgia, it was the end of an era. 150 pounds of explosives brought down a building that was once a part of franklin del nor roosevelt's public housing policy. hundreds watched as the building that stood for 70 years was reduced to rubble in a matter of seconds. low income housing will be built in its place.
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finally, in ohio, shirtless men and bikini clad women braved frigid conditions for a good cause. more than 500 people ran and dove into lake erie to fundraise for the special olympics. organizers expect to raise more than the $90,000 they took in lastier. now for a look at the national weather, we turn to bill karins with the weather channel forecast. would you ever do that, bill? >> no, i wouldn't. >> well, you know, it's for a good cause. >> my lifeguarding certification was in a lake that was 50-some degrees. i swore i would never go in colder than that ever. that was a long time ago. let me talk about the severe weather. we had tornadoes, hail, damaging winds. it will be a pretty busy monday tracking the storms. overnight, we had four tornadoes. the red triangles are the tornado reports. the green dots are the large hail reports. blue is where we had wind damage. that is downed trees, power lines and structural damage.
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you notice the st. louis area was by far hit the hardest. currently the system is over the top here of illinois and indiana and down to memphis. late this afternoon, it's going to be on the east coast heading out to sea. it will be in and out in a hurry. it's going to bring a lot of wet weather and severe weather to numerous people. a lot of big cities, too. here is where the storm is currently. rain from new york city back to buffalo and then thunderstorms in the ohio valley. now the threat of tornadoes continues at this hour. all the way into and throughout morning commute. right now we have a tornado warning just to the northeast of the will y the louisville area. you'll deal with your storms probably four hours from now. then the front side of it, we have a cold rain that's breaking out across new york city, long island. that's going to move into southern areas of new england. and then the temperatures are cold enough we're going to see a little freezing rain out there from the albany area back through the birkshires and the white and green mountains in maine. it will be just a big old
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snowstorm for you. so timing of these storms and heads off the coast. by 5:00 p.m., the worst of it is down around d.c. by this evening, it's long gone. that's a quick look, veronica, at the national forecast. very active morning. a lot of severe weather for everyone. everyone watching us on the east coast. >> thank you so much, bill. what to look out for on wall street this week. the oracle speaks, and what bugs americans about cell phones. your first look at this morning's business headlines is straight ahead. coming up, great finishes in the nba. baseball loses a legend. and a cheerleader takes a game into his own hands.
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here are the top stories making news this morning. pressure is mounting on gadhafi's faltering regime in libya. opposition groups are expanding control of key cities near the country's capital. that comes as the obama administration says it is ready
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to offer any type of assistance to those seeking to out of the long-time leader. for the second sunday in a row, a massive turnout in china blocked online calls from pro-democracy demonstration models after the uprising in egypt and libya. trucks drove through busy districts preventing crowds from forming. unrest through the arab world has now spread to the gulf nation of oman. riot police clashed with demonstrators yesterday. six people were killed. security forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets. america's last surviving veteran of world war i died. a family spokesman said he passed away peacefully at his virginia home yesterday. buckles had turned 110 years old earlier this month. and newly released footage from nasa shows a powerful eruption on the sun last week that lasted for an hour and a half kicking up a large wave of
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magnetic plasma. scientists say the blast was directed away from earth and is not expected to affect our satellites or electronic systems. and now here's a look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 12,130 after adding 61 on friday. the s&p 500 rose 13 and the nasdaq was up 43. taking a look at overseas trading, tokyo, the nikkei gained 97 points. hong kong, the hang seng surged 325. stocks were back up friday giving investors hopes that the backward slide is over. there is one major wild card, oil. it continued to drop as it did at the end of last week. overnight ination trade, oil was up flirting with $100 a barrel. along with oil, traders will be on the lookout for friday's february payrolls report for signs that job market recovery will remain on track. comments tuesday from fed chief ben bernanke will be listened to
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keenly for clues about when and if the fed's quantitative easing program will end. and traders may get a boost from confident comments from warren buffett this weekend saying he is bullish on the economy. and that berkshire hathaway will engage in record capital spending this year. today new restrictions on short selling go into effect with a circuit breaker kicking in after a 10% price decline from the previous day's close. "the new york post" reported this weekend that toys "r" us is looking to raise around $800 million in an april ipo. finally, is cell phone etiquette an oxymoron? three quarters of americans in a new poll say cell phone manners have gotten worse over the past year. the most annoying, talking while driving followed by talking loudly in public. one in five check their cell phone before getting out of bed every morning. i am definitely guilty of that. if you plan on hitting the road any time soon, we have one good reason for you to check your smart phone this morning.
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here is another way to help relieve the pain at the pump. >> reporter: smart phones apps like gas buddy might be the year's most popular. it's one where the user can check for the cheaper gas prices in any given area. the information coming from like minded consumers utilizing the concept called crowd sourcing. >> people like you who have the app installed, when you go to a gas station, while filling up you say i have a second or two while sitting here, i'll enter the gas prices at this gas station. and then everyone else can see that information. >> apple's app for the iphone is called fuel finder. but relies on gas buddy for the information. constantly being updated from people standing right there at the gas pump. >> the real value here is that you're going to get a very community oriented take on where the cheapest gas is in a way that only thousands of real
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eyeballs in the street could ever do. >> reporter: the apps cost little or nothing and a serious uptick in use is expected as gas prices go higher. nbc news. the suns beat the pacers, college basketball almost has a cheer litre gate and baseball says good-bye to the duke. plus, could the new york knicks keep up with the league's number one alley-oop combination? your first look at sports is straight ahead.
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the miami heat played the new new york knicks. good monday morning. the new look knicks got their first real test and passed with flying colors against the heat. pick it up late in the fourth. knicks down two. it wasn't amare or carmello that got the ball but chauncey billups. miami had two shots for the win. lebron james drove. the knicks defense came up big. stoudemire with the rejection. lebron again. this time from beyond the arc. no good. the knicks won it 91-86. great finish between the suns and pacers. tied game, final seconds of overtime. channing fry for the win. nothing but net. suns won in dramatic fashion 110-108. sad news from baseball. duke snyder passed away
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yesterday. the face of the brooklyn dodgers for a decade, he led brooklyn it the only world series title in 1955. duke snyder was 84 years old. crazy finish to the game. cardinals took a lead with less than a second to play. watch the cheerleader. he thought the game was over. he picked up the ball and tossed it in the air. you can't do that. now down three. panthers had a chance to tie. thankfully for the cheerleader the shot was off the mark and louisville won it 62-59. the moral of the story, if you're a cheerleader, keep your hands on your pompoms. that's your first look at sports. and now for another quick look at the weather, here is bill karins. the weather channel forecast, going to be a busy day, right? >> a lot of changeable weather out there. let's start in new england. we're going to see temperatures cold enough, really from hartford north wards. initially you're going to get through sleet or freezing rain.
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then change over to rain in most cases. it is warm enough in new york southward here that it's just all rain. so the green on this map is rain. the yellow is the heavy rain and the thunderstorms out here by pittsburgh up to erie to buffalo. just pouring rain this morning. and that's going to sweep through central new york. we'll take d.c., a little bit of a break. you're going to get really warm as the sun comes out. you could hit 70 degrees today. and then thunderstorms will roll through your area also. so the forecast today, it's going to be really quick changing. initially we're cold enough for some wintry weather in new england. then change to rain for you. and then the thunderstorms will clear through today. just about everywhere. so watch out for that as we go throughout the afternoon. and then tomorrow, everything is completely gone and done with. now to the southeast, we're really concerned that the nashville area, strong storms rolling through kentucky currently and even the potential for tornadoes. slight risk of severe storms from atlanta here to areas of eastern north carolina. so just an active weather day with severe storms. and this is a spring forecast, veronica, not a lot like winter.
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welcome back to "first look." who says etiquette is dead? friday night jimmy sent out a few thank you notes to headline grabbing celebrities. ♪ >> thank you, charlie sheen, for
5:26 am
going 2 1/2 mental. thank you, "the king's speech" for picking up 12 oscar nominations. 12? did i stutter? ♪ george clooney, for saying you could never get into politics because you did too many drugs and dated too many women. >> it is "late night with jimmy fallon" week nights at 12:35. all right. time now for the first look at entertainment news. for those who missed the top of the show, here is a quick recap of the major oscars handed out
5:27 am
last night. best supporting actress, "the fighter"'s melissa leo who also managed to drop an f bomb in her acceptance speech. best supporting actor, christian bail for "the fighter." best actors went to natalie port man for "the black swan" and best actor, collin ford for "the king's speech." best original screen play went to "the king's speech" also. and box office surprise this weekend. gnomeo and juliet. the comedy "hall pass" finished second with just $13.4 million. nicolas cage bombed in "drive angry" finishing ninth, just $5 million. finally, "the new york post" reports this morning charlie sheen will file suit against cbs as early as today for $320 million claiming mental anguish. sheen appears later this morning on the "today" show in a one-on-one interview with nbc's
5:28 am
jeff roson. >> you're angry. >> i'm not angry. i'm passionate. everybody says i should be begging for my job back. i'm going to warn them that it's everybody else that is begging me for their job back. >> didn't cbs have a right to shut your show down? they report you partying all hours of the night, taking drugs. it's their show. >> epic behavior. no. because after reading about that, then they observe the guy hitting every mark and every line every joke with a full house screaming. >> and don't miss the entire interview with charlie sheen coming up a little bit later this morning on "today" on your nbc station. all right. i don't know about you, bill, but he definitely has seen better days. >> yeah. that is must-see tv to watch that. >> for sure. >> it's a whole train wreck scenario, just watching it live. >> did you check out the oscars
5:29 am
last night? >> i watched some of it. my wife had on the red carpet. that's what i was going to ask you. >> did you see any of the movies? i know you never saw "the king's speech." >> i saw "things are all right." >> "social network"? >> i saw that. >> did you like it? >> i liked a lot of them. you know, i don't know. i didn't see "the king's speech." >> you got to go check it out. i'm telling you. it was amazing. this is "first look" on msnbc. stay tuned. "way too early with willie geist" starts right now. and the oscar goes to -- "the king's speech." >> yes, "the king's speech" wins best picture and a few others, too. the question is, how did the james franco academy war

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